Zahnärztlicher Notdienst

What to do in case of an emergency?

If you suffer from a dental emergency like sudden toothache on the weekend or outside of business hours, you can call the emergency number below, that is available in the area of Frankfurt:

+49 (0) 1805 60 70 11

Smaller Emergencies

In case of small emergencies outside of business hours or on the weekend, you may wait until the next possible time to come to us. However, there is plenty you can do yourself in an emergency. To eliminate risks, please still make an appointment for a checkup.

Temporary appliances

A temporary appliance is a temporary treatment of a tooth and is mostly used to protect the treated surface of a tooth. Mostly, temporary appliances are used to protect a tooth until a crown or a bridge is manufactured. It is made out of a special plastic material and is attached by a temporary ceramic. This allows to remove it easily when the actual restoration is ready to use, but also means that it might get loose or break while chewing or eating.

We recommend to avoid chewy foods for the duration of the temporary appliance: Gummi Bears, Chewing gum and similar candy might pull the appliance off the tooth. Also please be careful eating hard foods such as nuts, since they might cause the appliance to break.

What to do if…

the appliance fell off or broke? Please call us immediately. In this case it is important to let us fix and attach the appliance again. Until your appointment please avoid chewing with the tooth in question. Since it is not well protected without the appliance, it might cause pain or something might break off.

Loose Crown or Bridge

If you feel like a restoration such as a crown a bridge or an implant has loosened, please come by immediately to let us check on it. It is important to act quickly, since a loose appliance may contain a lot of risks such as the development of caries (decay).

Sharp Orthodontic Wire

Orthodontics often work with metal wires or bands in order to move teeth towards the right position. Sometimes there is an interfering wire that can irritate the mucosa of the lips or cheeks. Normally you or your child will receive a box of dental wax at the beginning of your orthodontic treatment. If there is an irritating wire, you can apply small portions of the wax and leave it there, until the mucosa is healed. If this does not help, please visit us during consultation hours. We love to help you out!