The first step of the home bleaching method is to custom make mouth trays. First we take a tooth impression. Using the impression our laboratory will manufacture a plaster model of your teeth that allows us to customise the mouth trays specifically for you.

Using these mouth trays and a special bleaching agent you can whiten your teeth comfortably at home, step by step. During regular checkups we‘ll record the results and answer all of your questions.

In-Office Bleaching:
If you want to see impressive results within a short time, our dental professionals whiten your teeth one, or more, colour tones upward within a one hour appointment. A bleaching agent will be applied directly on to the teeth. During the following minutes it will soak in. Since the method used in the office is more intense than the home method we take measures to protect your gums from potential damage.

Internal Bleaching:
After an endodontic treatment, the discolouration of the tooth can occur. In this case, an internal bleaching makes it possible to bleach only the affected tooth. In order to do so, the upper filling of the root filling will be removed and a bleaching agent will be inserted. It stays there, until after a couple of days or weeks later the right colour tone has reached.