In past cases of tooth loss patients only had two choices in order to replace the tooth:

A dental bridge or removable restorations, which is a prosthesis. During the last three decades, however, one more treatment for tooth loss has been established scientifically as well as practically, and gives patients another choice: dental implants! For an increasing amount of patients, implants are the treatment of choice when it comes to dental restorations. The advantages are clear:

Implants are artificial dental roots made out of titanium, that are surgically positioned in the jawbone. They replace lost teeth or can be used to secure removable restorations. Implants are firmly placed into your jaw, just as a natural tooth, which will help you to laugh, speak and eat with self-confidence and increase your life quality significantly.

Healthy adjacent teeth next to the implant remain untouched, unlike a treatment with a dental bridge, neighbouring teeth don’t have to be reshaped. Whats more, the jawbone will be positively influenced by the artificial tooth root in a way that will preserve the bone.

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