Fissures are small grooves on the chewing surfaces of your teeth which often extend right down into the tooth itself. However well your teeth are getting brushed, these fissures are difficult to clean thoroughly. This is why fissures are especially fond to get cavities and dental caries (decay).

During a fissure sealing, a special coating and solution is applied on the fissures in order to make the teeth cleaning on these spots easier. The best time for a fissure sealing is after the breakthrough of the tooth, since the tooth is still healthy at this point.

Fissure Sealing is a very effective means to prevent cavities and is mostly applied on the back molars. Before age 17 the statutory health insurance pays the costs for this treatment. For adults, as well as baby back molars in children, fissure sealing is the best means to prevent cavities. After age 18 it‘s still a worthwhile investment in your oral health.